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Do you ever forget how to do something on Google Classroom or on other Google platforms? Here is an "Online Learning Cheat Sheet" for you then!

2021-2022 MHS Student Handbook

MHS Final Handbook edits.pdf

Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Monticello High School Parent and Family Engagement Plan 2021-2022.pdf

HAC instructions for MHS Parents & Students

HAC Instructions.pdf
MHS Ready For Learning Plan
Seven Videos to Student Wellness: Social & Emotional Health

Have you purchased a yearbook yet? If not, you can do so online! Yearbooks will arrive in August and we will send out a notification when they come in!

Career and Technical Education HIGH SCHOOL students and parents:

Please fill out the survey below. A student/parent survey is a federal mandate requirement of Perkins V. We will use this data to secure funding and improve CTE programs in Southeast Arkansas.

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