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How To Purchase Tickets for Playoff Game

Due to the Arkansas Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines, the seating capacity at all venues has been reduced. We know this has and will create some unfortunate situations for everyone involved. We are asking that everyone help us work to make this postseason great for everyone.

Below you will find detailed information regarding your tickets as well as a link that you can share with your athletes. This is the total allotment of tickets for your school. You can give this link out to buy tickets as you see fit. Remember, anyone with this link can purchase tickets out of your allotment. We recommend that you give student athletes and their families first right to purchase these tickets. Thursday morning at 9AM CT ticket sales links post publicly to sell any remaining capacity at or by going to and searching for your school name and town. The home URL will not change and can now be shared on the school website and social media accounts. Prices for tickets are $6 general admission. Admission should be charged for ages 5 and up.

If you purchase your GoFan tickets using a computer, your tickets will be delivered to the email address you entered when purchasing. You can also download the GoFan mobile app and login using this email to access your tickets. This event is a mobile entry event--tickets must be presented on a smart phone for entry. Printed tickets will not be accepted.

AAA passes will be accepted unless the venue has reached capacity in actual attendance or pre-sold tickets. Only the current year AAA passes and lifetime AAA passes will be accepted. No conference/district passes will not be accepted.

Total Tickets Available For Your School: 1860

AAA COVID Basketball Announcement- Click here

Monticello School District

COVID-19 Point of Contact Information

Sandra Lanehart, Superintendent

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus within our staff and student body we are asking all parents/guardians, of students who will be in attendance on-site, and all employees to notify our designated Point of Contact (POC) immediately when the following occurs:

  • Someone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Someone in the household has been identified as a Close Contact to a positive case of COVID-19 and is requiring quarantine and/or recommended to be tested for COVID-19.

  • Students attending on-site and employees who are being tested for COVID-19. If Symptomatic, student/staff should remain in quarantine pending results of their COVID-19 test.

Please call the BILLIE COVID HOTLINE 1-870-623-0907 (If no answer, leave a voicemail).

Also, acceptable documentation for returning to work/school will be provided to the Probable Close Contact/Close Contact staff/student by the Monticello School District POC in conjunction with the ADH once the required quarantine has been completed.

Documentation to return for staff/students who tested positive will be provided by the Arkansas Department of Education. Any staff/student, who has been tested positive, may request a release to return to school by emailing the Arkansas Department of Health at Documentation will need to be provided to the school POC once received for the staff/student to return to work/school.

If an athlete has tested positive for COVID-19, he/she must be

cleared for progression back to activity by completing the Arkansas Activities Association Clearance Form.

Thank you for your cooperation. Together we can help keep our Monticello School District family safe, healthy, and ready to learn during this unique time.

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Monticello 2020-2021 Reentry Plan
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Monticello School District joins districts across the state to celebrate School Board Member Recognition Month in January. More than 1500 Arkansas school board members are being honored for their service and dedication to public education.

“Our board members assume a crucial role in representing our students and advocating for public education,” said Mrs. Sandra Lanehart. “We are very proud of our members, and Arkansas School Board Recognition Month is a great time to recognize them and celebrate their accomplishments.”

The members serving on the MONTICELLO SCHOOL BOARD are:

Mr. Thomas W. Maxwell-3 year of service

Mr. Keith Wells, Vice President-10 years of service

Mr. John McClendon- 6 years of service

Mr. Curt Preston, President- 9 years of service

Dr. Michael Fakouri- 8 years of service

Monticello is proud to announce that two of its board members were recognized by the Arkansas School Board Association for outstanding Boardsmanship:

Mr. Keith Wells was awarded the Pinnacle Award for achieving 200 professional development hours, and Mr. Curt Present was awarded the Master Board Member Award for achieving at least 50 hours of professional development.

As publicly elected school leaders, Arkansas school board members set policy for their respective districts. Under state law, they are empowered to hire and evaluate the superintendent, oversee district finances, approve the budget, and determine the vision and mission of the district. School boards must also approve the curriculum and ensure the district maintains adequate facilities for teaching and learning.

In addition to their board duties, state law requires Arkansas school board members to earn a minimum of six hours of professional development each year in areas related to their role and responsibilities.

On behalf of the educators and students of this District, we wish to honor these five men for their devotion and care and concern for each student in the Monticello School District. We appreciate their dedication to the District as they tirelessly work to produce the best education for the children of this District.